Paper Recycling Market Size, Industry Analysis Report By Type (Corrugated cardboard, Newspaper, Magazines, Office paper,Mixed paper), By Application (Newsprint paper, Printing and writing paper, Packaging products) & Region – Forecast By 2030

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Market Overview

Paper Recycling Market is valued at around USD 41.53 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 60.42 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 4.8% over the forecast period. Waste paper is recycled by combining it with chemicals, water, and old paper.

The cellulose strands in this mixture are then cut and heated to separate into pulp or slurry. The blend is then stretched through screens to get rid of any leftover plastic or glue. It is cleaned, de-inked, bleached, and mixed with water to create newly recycled paper.

Market - Growth Factor

There will be a tremendous demand for paper products like newspaper, packaging, and writing paper as urbanisation and the middle class expand along with literacy rates in developing nations like India, China, and Brazil.

The demand for plastic packaging will decline as consumer tastes shift toward practical packaging options and sustainability, which will boost the paper and paperboard industry.

In the coming years, rising demand for paper-based packaging items in the food and industrial sectors will further improve the prospects for the paper recycling industry. If packaging trash is not recycled, it could seriously harm the environment and human health.

The Paper Recycling Market – Market Trends

• The market for recycled paper has grown significantly over the past several years as a result of growing concern over the depletion of environmental resources. In emerging nations, the demand for recycled paper is growing at a CAGR of more than 7-8% yearly.

• The high cost of equipment, ineffective waste paper collection and segregation systems, and intense rivalry from foreign competitors are the main obstacles in the paper recycling sector.

• The main goal of the regional paper recyclers is to create efficient systems for collecting and segregation of waste paper in the area. Leading recycling organisations are putting in place automated, highly effective recycling technologies to reduce high manufacturing costs and get rid of labour-intensive procedures.

• Since China is the world's largest importer of waste paper, there are many prospects in the paper recycling business in emerging nations like China. By increasing local manufacturing of the recovered paper in the nation, this scenario might be avoided.

The Paper Recycling Market – Segmentation

The Paper Recycling Market fragrance concentrates market has been sub-classified into type, application.

On the basis of type, the Paper Recycling Market is bifurcated into:
• Corrugated cardboard
• Newspaper
• Magazines
• Office paper
• Mixed paper
• Others

On the basis of application, the market is segmented into:
• Newsprint paper
• Printing and writing paper
• Packaging products
• Others

The Paper Recycling Market –Regional Analysis

Asia-Pacific dominated the global Paper Recycling Market, the maximum CAGR possible within the forecasted period. Manufacturing sectors include steel, mining and metallurgy, petrochemicals, oil & gas, food & beverage, and textile in several Asia Pacific nations, such as Australia, China, India, and Japan. In Asia, trash generation and management are important social and environmental problems due to the continent's rapid economic growth and urbanisation.

Market – Key Market players

Global key players of Paper Recycling Market include Waste Management, Republic Services, Sonoco Recycling, Hanna Paper Recycling, WASCO, Perlen Papier, ST Paper Resources, Cascades Recovery, Global Wastepaper Recyclers, International Paper, Heinzel Group, DS Smith, Veolia Environment, Remondis, Kokusai Pulp & Paper, Huanjia Group, Shandong Century Sunshine, Northern International, China Recycling Development, Tianjin Wuchan, Carolina Fibre Corporation, Evergreen Paper Recycling, Ecogen, Atlas Green Recycling, Sunbright Paper Recycling, Lovell Recycling Limited, Rocky Mountain Recycling, and others.

Quality Assurance Process

  1. We Market Research’s Quality Assurance program strives to deliver superior value to our clients.

We Market Research senior executive is assigned to each consulting engagement and works closely with the project team to deliver as per the clients expectations.

Market Research Process

We Market Research monitors 3 important attributes during the QA process- Cost, Schedule & Quality. We believe them as a critical benchmark in achieving a project’s success.

To mitigate risks that can impact project success, we deploy the follow project delivery best practices:
  • Project kickoff meeting with client
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Case Study- Automotive Sector

One of the key manufacturers of automotive had plans to invest in electric utility vehicles. The electric cars and associated markets being a of evolving nature, the automotive client approached We Market Research for a detailed insight on the market forecasts. The client specifically asked for competitive analysis, regulatory framework, regional prospects studied under the influence of drivers, challenges, opportunities, and pricing in terms of revenue and sales (million units).


The overall study was executed in three stages, intending to help the client meet its objective of precisely understanding the entire market before deciding on an investment. At first, secondary research was conducted considering political, economic, social, and technological parameters to get a gist of the various aspects of the market. This stage of the study concluded with the derivation of drivers, opportunities, and challenges. It also laid substantial emphasis on understanding and collecting data not only on a global scale but also on the regional and country levels. Data Extraction through Primary Research

The second stage involved primary research in which several market players and automotive parts suppliers were contacted to study their viewpoint concerning the development of their market and production capacity, clientele, and product line. This stage concluded in a brief understanding of the competitive ecosystem and also glanced through the strategies and pricing of the companies profiled.

Market Estimates and Forecast

In the final stage of the study, market forecasts for the electric utility were derived using multiple market engineering approaches. This data helped the client to get an overview of the market and accelerate the process of investment.

Case Study- ICT Sector

Business process outsourcing, being one of the lucrative markets from both supply- and demand- side, has appealed to various companies. One of the prominent corporations based out of Japan approached us with their requirements regarding the scope of the procurement outsourcing market for around 50 countries. Additionally, the client also sought key players operating in the market and their revenue breakdown in terms of region and application.

Business Solution

An exhaustive market study was conducted based on primary and secondary research that involved factors such as labor costs in various countries, skilled and technical labors, manufacturing scenario, and their respective contributions in the global GDP. A comparative study of the market was conducted from both supply- and demand side, with the supply-side comprising of notable companies, such as GEP, Accenture, and others, that provide these services. On the other hand, large manufacturing companies from them demand-side were considered that opt for these services.


The report aided the client in understanding the market trends, including country-level business scenarios, consumer behavior, and trends in 50 countries. The report also provided financial insights of crucial players and detailed market estimations and forecasts till 2033.


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