Canned Fruits Market Size, Industry Analysis Report By Fruit Type (Peaches, Pineapple, Mandarin Oranges, Pears), By Form (Whole Fruits And Cut Fruits), By Distribution Channel (Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online Retail) & Region Forecast

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The Canned Fruits Market: Overview
The Canned Fruits Market is valued at around USD 9.95 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 12.01 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 1.9% over the forecast period. Food canning is a method for preserving food in tightly closed, vacuum-sealed containers after processing so that it can be kept at a constant temperature. The canning process includes several steps, including washing, sorting/grading, preparation, container filling, exhausting, container sealing, heat sterilisation, chilling, labeling/casing, and shipping storage. Fruit canning equipment is now used continuously rather than in batches. Cans are rotated in a pressurised heat compartment before being chilled in a cold-water cooler compartment after passing through an airlock.

The Canned Fruits Market - Growth Factor
In recent decades, the rate of urbanisation has dramatically accelerated. As a result, there is a sharp rise in the population of metropolitan areas, which has an impact on people's lifestyles and increases the prevalence of multi-member households. Due to people's busy schedules, there is a need for food that is ready to eat. People are avoiding high-calorie foods more frequently as a result of increased consumer awareness of the dangers of poor health. Because diabetes poses a significant threat to a sizeable portion of the world's population, it is essential to reduce the sugar content of the fruits used in bakery products. Using fruit pieces that have been juice-dipped is a great way to reduce the amount of sugar used in baked goods without sacrificing flavour, as opposed to using syrup, which hides the fruit's inherent sweetness. In light of this, it has been demonstrated that canned fruits that have been dipped in juice are a healthy substitute for use in low-sugar baked goods.

The Canned Fruits Market Market Trends
Perishable goods with shorter shelf lives can now be transported more easily thanks to improvements in refrigeration and transportation methods.
It is now possible to handle and store canned fruits for an extended period of time thanks to improved distribution channels and controlled operating systems.
The bakery industry is seeing an increase in demand for canned fruit because the fruit pieces that have absorbed syrup tend to taste unmistakably fresh and sweet, unlike fresh fruit pieces that occasionally turn bitter.
Fruits that have been canned need a specific environment to preserve them, and if those conditions are not met, complications can arise.

The Canned Fruits Market Segmentation
The Canned Fruits market has been sub-classified into fruit type, form, distribution channel.

On the basis of fruit type, the Canned Fruits Market is bifurcated into:
Mandarin oranges

On the basis of form, the market is segmented into:
Whole fruits and cut fruits

On the basis of distribution channel, the market is segmented into:
Convenience stores
Online retail

The Canned Fruits Market Regional Analysis
Asia-Pacific dominated the global Canned Fruits Market, is growing quickly. The demand for processed meals is rising as this region's society continues to change. One of the main causes of the rising demand for ready-to-eat food is the fast-paced way of life and the expanding population. Furthermore, there is a need to discover healthier substitutes that have a longer shelf life due to the rising demand for processed meals.

The Canned Fruits Market Key Market players
Global key players of Canned Fruits Market include CHB Group, Del Monte Food Inc., Princes Limited, Rhodes Food Group, Tropical Food Industries Co., Ltd., Delicia Foods India Pvt. Ltd., Langeberg & Ashton Foods, Dole Packaged Foods LLC, Vidya Sagar Food Pvt Ltd., Jutai Foods Group Ltd., and others

Report scope
Global Canned Fruits Market: Historical Years- 2018-2021
Global Canned Fruits Market: Forecast Years- 2022-2030
Global Canned Fruits Market 2022- USD 9.95 billion
Global Canned Fruits Market 2030- USD 12.01 billion
Global Canned Fruits Market CAGR- 1.9%
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